Hate Me For This


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Rough tracks that weren't going to be released, but here they are. Unmastered, no vocal corrections, and just a very sad album.


released May 19, 2016



all rights reserved


COLIC Charlotte, North Carolina

If you feel it, then please do.

Meghann Dyke-San Diego, CA
Jimmy Turner-Charlotte, NC

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Track Name: Drive
Drive around with you,
nothing else to do,
waiting on you to make a move.

Easier to see, hiding underneath.
Silent in between, anyone can see.
What's going on with me?
What's got you scared of nothing?
There's no reason to be.
Head out the window,
hair in the breeze
Never seen you this carefree.

Thought I lost my words,
don't know what I heard..
Wait on you to speak your mind.
Never here half the time,
always been so hard to find.
No place we'd rather be,
wish you'd let me know.
Waste my time and stay here?
Just to watch you go?

Silent when you speak,
words don't mean a thing.
Never seen you this carefree.
Never seen you so happy.
Never seen you this carefree.
Never seen you so happy.
Never seen you this carefree, when you're here with me.
Track Name: Hex
Spin a long while,
wonder how to heal.
Feeling nothing at all,
pinch my skin just to wake up.
I'm just trying to wake up,
is this even real?
Am I even?

I don't know if you've gone there,
hoping that the air is clear somewhere.
Not so sure what's coming next,
just don't know,
thinking that I'll hex you.
You know I'm always in love,
you must be sent from above.

Running out of my mind,
you are like a thorn in my side.
But baby I can't complain,
you're like a dream I can't mistake,
a vision i can't create.

I am wasting away,
you are all I can take.
I am wasting away,
you are all I can take.

Don't care if you see me like this,
don't make a big deal of it.
I know what I am.
I know what I am.
Track Name: In Vain
All the things I said in vain,
So full of lead my words,
weighed you on down.

You're coming back around,
Never see these things out.
Don't see a way out,
Don't say a thing now.

Can't go on without you,
I always spoke highly of you,
Don't you forget, too.
Track Name: Dread
The signs I'm here fade away
my fire can't be replaced.
Some days harder than the last,
good things hide in the past.

Want to find relief,
need space between this and me.
Run aground a soul sitting still,
sigh of relief,
I hate being real.

Fighting patterns where I'm stuck,
cold air a die-hard's luck.
Will this hold my head?
Can this calm my dread?

Knowing kindness is the hardest,
push you away farthest.
Ending abrupt to leave you be,
Your best burden was me.

Escape from a tight grasp,
no different, same as the last.
Draw the shades, blinded by grief.
My darkness has what it needs.

Thought this war was far from home.
Remember Grimm left me alone?
How I wish no one could see,
I've detached from everything.