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released April 18, 2017

Cover art: Aaron Heard: Instagram - @Strike4_ // @yosupaaronheard



all rights reserved


COLIC Charlotte, North Carolina

If you feel it, then please do.

Meghann Dyke-San Diego, CA
Jimmy Turner-Charlotte, NC

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Track Name: Hound
Wind calls you to me,
Pulls you close to me,
Told you're drawn to me,
Baby go easy please

Can I test you out?
Am I someone that you wanna talk about?
Cause if I'm good, crush me up again
Crush me up again

Is this reality?
Whats really happening?
How do I appeal to you?
How am I too good for you?
Are you bored of me too?
I am boring
I am boring
I am bored of me too
Track Name: Dark Water
Is it wishful how I vision you?
Holding tight as I try to move
Played so coy, those games you played on me
And I knew you too well

Green haze, blue dreaming
Needed truth, were you into me too?
Dark water, drowning in you,
Dark water, falling for you

Let me in on your secrets,
What were you up to?
Fell so damn hard, felt so damn weak,
You're every color in between,
But I'm your blindspot

Dark water drowning in you,
Dark water falling for you,
With or without you
Track Name: 2 Sided
Walking slow, trace your footsteps
Get close, and I freeze

The air's too heavy
Thicker than my memories
Past life daunts on me
Did I hear you say something?
Did I hear you speak to me?

Is this real or just a dream?
I watch you float so easily,
I feel strange, lately I

Cut the line that's plaguing me,
I can't believe I lost something so dear to me,
Feels so strange lately